Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will Vinegar Treat Toe Fungus

The best part about vinegar is that, it has no side effects. One of the most important thing before you put vinegar on your skin is that, first check the intensity of vinegar. At times there are really concentrated vinegars that cannot be applied on the skin. Just put couple of drops of vinegar on your palm and see if it burns or not. This way you will get to know whether its suitable for you or not. Also before applying vinegar to the affected area, you should dry it out completely.

Whats the best vinegar for treating toe fungus? There are many types of vinegar that are useful in treatment of toenail fungus. Apple cider vinegar has proven to be the best so far. Because of the ingredients inside this vinegar, one can easily get away with the harmful affects of toenail fungus. It reduces inflammation and itching on the toe. Also vinegar is useful in terms of killing bacteria and viruses. Some people may also think that putting an acidic thing directly on the toe will make it burn more and leaves a dilemma in the mind of people that will vinegar treat toe fungus? . Doctors and grandmas recommend that vinegar should not be diluted and put directly on the affected area.

Thus from all of the proven facts, vinegar turns out to be one the better home based remedy of all. Vinegar can definitely treat toe nail fungus effectively. if done right however