Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bottled Drinking Water

Have you had your eight glasses of H2O for the day? Is that the current standard or what? It's so hard to keep up with these things. First the health professionals tell you one thing then they announce something new. Regardless, we all are quite aware of water's significance in our lives. The truth of the matter is, we need the stuff to survive. Now, as far as the whole 6-8 glasses a day routine goes, I guess that's up to you. One thing is for sure, you can purchase bottled drinking water virtually anywhere now days. The stuff's practically as popular as soft drinks. Just take a look around your work place or college campus. I'll bet you spot a number of water bottles. Do you purchase a lot of bottled drinking water? Does this ever bother you? I mean the fact that we pay anywhere from 1-2 bucks for a mere bottle of water. Shouldn't it be a quarter or something? I mean come on, it's just water. I get the stuff free at my house every day. Regardless of how much large companies want to charge for bottled drinking water, the fact is we buy it. And I mean we purchase oodles of this stuff. Anything from Evion, to Aquafina, to a dozen other random brand names. We pick up a bottle almost everywhere we go. Heck, I could have built a pyramid with all the bottled drinking water I spotted on my college campus. Hundreds of students were constantly walking around with this stuff. Now, all in all, this isn't a bad thing. It does beat the massive soft drink craze that went on forever. At least water is healthy. I actually read an article on how much we require on a regular basis. This "nutritionist professional" claimed that our bodies get plenty of water from a variety of sources. It's not just about the bottled drinking water. We acquire essential fluid from fruits, vegetables, juice, and even milk. Therefore it doesn't always have to go down as 100% water. In addition, your body having to urinate it a sign that you have too much water in your system. The body always takes what it needs before it discards the rest. What is your absolute favorite bottled drinking water? Is it that rare, expensive stuff from Japan or just the no-name brand at the local grocery store? In reality all bottled drinking water serves the same purpose. It hydrates our bodies and minds. So go ahead and drink it up.