Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Bluegrass is a type of music that that is often mistaken for the blues. This type of music first emerged in the 1940’s during the time of World War II. The Blue Grass Boys are coined as being the founders of this type of music and that is where the name came from. There have been some changes in the forms of bluegrass that are offered though since then. Yet they all remain true to some common elements of the original type of bluegrass music. There are even forms of Christian bluegrass music out there.

It has a sound that is quite similar but the lyrics and the flow of the songs sound very country as well. One element that makes bluegrass stand apart from other types is that it is acoustic in nature. You won’t find electrical gadgets hooked up to bands that are performing it. For this reason, bluegrass takes place in smaller and more intimate environments.

The main instruments found in bluegrass music all belong to the string category. You will find this sound is full of the fiddle, banjo, and various types of guitars. It has a very deep sound that is full of life and that is why people love it so much. Some of it doesn’t even have lyrics, just a very rich sound for people to enjoy.

The types of bluegrass music that does have lyrics also has several people singing them. There are different types of harmony that blend into one with this type of music. It isn’t uncommon for a bluegrass band to be made up of eight or ten members which is quite large compared to the bands for other types of music.

Bluegrass music may not be as popular as other types out there but it is still great to listen to. You may want to go online and hear some songs that are of the bluegrass genre. If you haven’t really listened to it before then you may find it every exciting to try something new. There are plenty of great bluegrass CD’s out there you can buy to listen to as well. Some of them are from one band or artist while others have a variety on them.

Country Music

Country music is one genre that appeals to all age groups. This form of music has certainly changed over the years but continues to be very popular. There are stories in country music that people can apply to their own lives. The image of a country music star is a cowboy or cowgirl wearing boots, jeans, a button up shirt, and a hat. The music seems to have gotten a faster sound with the newer artists but many of the elements of country music are still there.

The early days of country music go back to honky tonk bars in Nashville and into Texas. These are small bars where people go to listen to music and to dance. Many country music artists now will tell you they have been influenced by the talents of early artists. Many of them have long histories that span decades.

Some of the country music artists that have been out there are considered to have laid a solid foundation for country music. The most popular lady in country music has always been Patsy Cline. She died in a plane crash decades ago but her legacy lives on. Her good friend Loretta Lynn has graced country music with many hits as well.

There are well known men in the area of country music including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., and Conway Twitty. Their songs continue to be among the top selling country music hits of all times. Some newer artists have tried to remake these earlier hits but nothing can compare to the quality of the original artists.

Country music is very appealing when it comes to dancing. There are certain dances such as the two step that are quite popular. There are also faster dances to that include spins, twists, and even turns. Line dancing has become very popular and attached to certain types of country music as well.

Nashville, Tennessee is the heart of country music. The is where many of the top artists come to write and record their music. Many of them live there as well and can be seen around the area from time to time. The most prestigious place for country music to be played is at the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee.

Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze

Many individuals enjoy looking for antiques that are made from bronze. They are very durable pieces of work and you won’t be disappointed with them. Some are very heavy as well and that tends to increase the value of it. There are plenty of details found in the work of antique bronze sculptures and designs which is why they are so popular.

You will find many different designs and themes in the area of antique bronze work. Some people like to collect it from particular periods of time. Others are looking for pieces that fit into the theme that they have started to collect. Others want antique pieces from certain artists.

There are many great places out there to find antique bronze materials. There are antique stores and even malls all over the world. The internet is also a great place to be able to find them. One thing you need to be careful with though when you buy antique bronze online is the shipping cost. Make sure you know what that will cost you before you commit to buying the item.

For those that don’t have the time to go all over to various antique stores, the internet is their key to finding these bronze treasures. Make sure you have a good idea of what they are really worth. This way you won’t be taken advantage of by antique dealers who know you really want it.

Sometimes you can find great deals on antique bronze items at auctions as well. It can be a great way to spend a couple of hours of your weekend. If you are looking for specific antique bronze items, ask others including antique dealers to keep an eye out for you. The more people that are on the hunt for it, the better your chances are that someone will help you to locate it.

Displaying antique bronze items in your home or your office is a great way for you to decorate. Bronze is timeless so it will fit in well today and ten years from now. You may have some very collectible items too that other people want to buy from you later on. You can sell them for a profit or pass your antique bronze collection on to someone else.