Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes In Usa

Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarette Offer
Whats the real story behind the Free Smokers Savior Offer

Smokers Savior is not Free! Smokers Savior is a bait offer that gets you to call Smokers Saviors 1-800 number, call, and get pressured into giving your credit card information to Smokers Savior for “shipping” and pressured into buying one of Smokers Savior club offers. Smokers Savior will take your credit card info, and only charge you for shipping. But here is where Smokers Savior gets you, if you do not return your Smokers Savior electronic cigarette kit in 10 days, or something ridiculous as that, Smokers Savior will then charge your card for or up to 0 for your electronic cigarette kit, and a months supply of Smokers Savior electronic cigarette cartridges. Smokers Savior has also been know for not refunding electronic cigarettes from Smokers Savior, or even sending Smokers Savior e-cigarette replacement parts for the Smokers Savior Kit. Smokers Savior does not sound like a reliable electronic cigarette company to deal with. Smokers Savior has tons of radio commercials, but Smokers Savior is not the right electronic cigarette choice for you. Do’t be fooled by Smokers Saviors sappy radio commercials and cheap electronic cigarette starter kits.