Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kind of Entertainment Russia Have

There are parks and sceneries for the visitors to go to. There are around 30 national parks overall Russia. These parks offer the beautiful trees and herbs to see. There are rides for small children through which they get entertained and feel really contended. Visitors get to see the natural forests in the Yugid-Va National park. There are volcanoes down there which may be a bit dangerous to visit but when they are not erupting, only then they are opened for visitors. These volcanoes are located in Kamchatke. There are golden mountain of Altai which are world famous. The country’s first marine park, which has now become the biggest source of income for the entertainment industry, is located on the Tatar strait. Russia is mostly blessed with natural beauty and the locals of this place have just made some finishing to something that already exists here. There are waterfalls, somber cliffs, bird colonies and sea shores. People who are interested in the history and culture of Russia always ask a question, that is what kind of entertainment does Russia has ?