Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sample Articles on Travel

There is a lot of stuff that you can include in your articles about travel. It starts up with the history of a place. Lets suppose you have traveled to Rome in Italy and you want to tell people about the most amazing things down there. It is more likely that you would start up with the history of Rome and the rituals associated with that place. To add an spice to your travel guide article, you can add some weird or famous incidents that happened in this city for which this city became popular. You can talk about the food, festivals, people, monuments and just about everything that you thing would be worth mentioning about this place. Nowadays people look for such content which has never been published before. If you would write the same old story about Rome then chances are that your article would get rejected and you won’t get paid much. If there are some interesting facts and figures about the city which were never talked about before then you have hit the right thing.