Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wide Varieties On Artificial Turf Wholesale

Wholesaling of turfs are more popular and preferred to green grass installation as usually it costs a lot to actually install artificial green grass, so, the solution to that were these turfs that are conveniently available, saving customers a great amount of cash.
To buy artificial turfs, one has to browse through different online sites, vary in prices and sizes. However, one also has to keep in mind that there are very few manufacturers that do offer the best looking quality in turfs. Not every company is producing the kind of turfs that would be needed either residentially or commercially. When buying online visiting different sites and observing their price range depending on the quality and quantity is very necessary before making a purchasing decision. There are different price ranges for different purpose turfs, from landscaping to home decoration, or from large grounds to sports complexes. Prices are measured on per square foot basis with the minimum size of 300 square feet and 15’ wide. The normal price would be around $2 to $5 for professional installation. There is an option for either the customer wanting professional help in installing the turfs or to do it yourself. If you have to do it yourself then there will be additional costs of around $3 for the tools and materials needed. Professional help would cost from $8 to $20 per foot.