Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anxiety Treatment Without Medication Online

Here’s our lowdown on anxiety treatments without medication:
1. Treating Anxiety therapeutically
Psychiatrists often use therapy in combination with medication to treat anxiety disorders. However, minor disorders can be relieved with therapies only. Two types of therapies are mainly employed to relieve anxiety: ‘Applied relaxant Therapy’ and ‘Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy’.
Applied Relaxant Therapy
This therapy involves the patient in relaxing activities. The patient is also asked to practice these techniques quite often so that they could learn how to cope with stress and how manage anxiety. Applied relaxant therapy often involves techniques like ‘thinking about being in a place which soothes your eyes and brain’ and other activities like listening to music. Deep breathing and meditation is also a part of this therapy.

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Elena said...

People who have anxiety disorder feel ashamed of having a mental condition. These days there are many types of anxiety treatments that you can try. Thanks to you for sharing your post with bloggers.

Thanks !!!!
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