Sunday, June 21, 2009

Halloween Color Contacts

Halloween parties are never complete with funky and scary costumes along with scary contact lenses. The special effect Halloween contact lenses are perfect to go with scary Halloween costumes and makeup. They are specially manufactured by companies that make low price and affordable contact lenses. There are two major categories of making your eyes look horrifying with the help of Halloween contact lenses. There are round Halloween lenses that only cover up the iris of the eye with such a color and effect that will make your eyes look like burning eyes. The other type is sclera contact lenses which cover the entire front portion of the eye. Lenses like blind eye contacts and full eye contacts come under this category of lenses. The vision is completely blocked when you wear these lenses as they do not support and vision correction. It is advisable to wear them one at a time, just for the sake of fun during the party and not use it as an extensive wear.

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