Sunday, April 26, 2009

What are Refunds & Rebates

Many manufacturers and retailers offer refunds in the form of a rebate. If you take advantage of these offers then it can really save you money. Unfortunately many people do not complete the necessary forms and take the time to submit them. It may be the case that they intend to do so but then it gets pushed aside or forgotten about. Most of these refund & rebate offers have a very limited period of time associated with them and if you do not complete the form in the available time period then you will not be entitled to any refund or rebate.

It is well worth the effort of sacrificing a few minutes of your time to complete the forms necessary to get these rebates and refunds, after all you are entitled to them. You will also need to pay for an envelope and a stamp but your refund check could end up being for $25 or more. It takes very little effort to complete these forms in their entirety and with a few moments of your time you will get money that is owing to you.

Make sure you read all of the details associated with the refund and the rebate. You will likely have to submit your original receipt as well as your proof of purchase from the item in order to get it. It is always wise to keep a copy on file for your own reference also. Many people just take a picture with a digital camera too as proof that they did indeed get this information and submit it.

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