Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Country Music

Country music is one genre that appeals to all age groups. This form of music has certainly changed over the years but continues to be very popular. There are stories in country music that people can apply to their own lives. The image of a country music star is a cowboy or cowgirl wearing boots, jeans, a button up shirt, and a hat. The music seems to have gotten a faster sound with the newer artists but many of the elements of country music are still there.

The early days of country music go back to honky tonk bars in Nashville and into Texas. These are small bars where people go to listen to music and to dance. Many country music artists now will tell you they have been influenced by the talents of early artists. Many of them have long histories that span decades.

Some of the country music artists that have been out there are considered to have laid a solid foundation for country music. The most popular lady in country music has always been Patsy Cline. She died in a plane crash decades ago but her legacy lives on. Her good friend Loretta Lynn has graced country music with many hits as well.

There are well known men in the area of country music including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., and Conway Twitty. Their songs continue to be among the top selling country music hits of all times. Some newer artists have tried to remake these earlier hits but nothing can compare to the quality of the original artists.

Country music is very appealing when it comes to dancing. There are certain dances such as the two step that are quite popular. There are also faster dances to that include spins, twists, and even turns. Line dancing has become very popular and attached to certain types of country music as well.

Nashville, Tennessee is the heart of country music. The is where many of the top artists come to write and record their music. Many of them live there as well and can be seen around the area from time to time. The most prestigious place for country music to be played is at the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee.