Friday, September 22, 2006

What Causes Acne

Have you ever wondered what causes acne? Well if you’re like me and suffer from acne outbreaks on a regular basis, I’m sure you’ve spend quite a lot of time wondering what causes acne, and even more time trying to get rid of it. What causes acne is one of those questions mankind has been trying to answer ever since the last ice age ended, and although we have some sound theories on the subject now we still have a ways to go.
Trying to determine what is causing your acne is definitely a good place to start. What causes acne is a hard question to answer definitively, as there seem to be a lot of possible causes. Most of the theories on what causes acne have focused on three different areas; skin cleanliness, diet, stress, hormones and genetics. The likely answer is that acne is caused by some combination of some or all of these components in most cases.
Because there are several different root sources behind what causes acne, everyone’s acne is probably somewhat unique. For instance, I think my own acne is mostly related to stress and genetics. I use several different acne skin care products and still get outbreaks, though if I don’t take good care of my skin I certainly get a lot more. My diet has never seemed to effect my acne in the least.
Having at least some idea of what causes acne for me, it’s a lot easier to avoid it. I know that if I take measures to lower stress I’ll have much fewer outbreaks. That’s why I’ve incorporated regular exercise and good sleep hygiene into my acne treatment regiment, and it seems to have worked quite well. There does seem to be a hormonal and genetic component to it as well, as some amount of acne occurs even during periods of low stress. Fortunately, its not so severe that I feel the need to pursue more vigorous treatment methods, and I’ve simply come to accept a small amount of acne as inevitable in my life.
If you are suffering from severe or even moderate acne, its probably worth a trip to a dermatologist. A good dermatologist can answer a lot of questions you have about what causes acne and how to get rid of it. There are also a number of good prescription creams and medications that can be used to stop acne. Be warned, however, these medications are not without side effects!

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