Monday, September 25, 2006

Downloadable Books

With the advances in technology you can now read books right off your computer screen. Many of these books are in the PDF file format. There are a lot of websites where you can find downloadable books. Some sites offer the books for free and some sites you can get them for a reasonable price. The great thing about downloadable books is they are generally less expensive than a printed copy and when you are finished with it they definitely take up less space. If you are looking for a classic novel by a famous author then chances are you will be able to find it on the net in a downloadable version. Many sites offer classic downloadable books. One nice option with some sites on the Internet is that sometimes you can pay a one time fee, whether it is yearly or monthly, where you have access to their database of downloadable books. This way you can download as many as you want and read them at your leisure. They are a great travel option. If you travel a lot and are on the road for your job then downloadable books are a nice thing to have. Instead of lugging around many books you can download as many as you want on a laptop and read them wherever you are. If you have an office job and want to spend a quiet lunch hour reading than these books can be an option. You can download the books from the computer at work and either save them on a key, disc, or CD and them read them at work whenever you would like. A convenient advantage to them is the fact that you can highlight, place bookmarks, and underline whatever you would like for future references. All of the marks you put on the book can be removed later which can not be said about print books. This can be good if you are using downloadable books for a research paper or work project. Considering that you download the book onto a computer if you like the book and want to give it to a friend or find a book useful for a coworker than all you have to do is send them an e-mail with an attachment of the books. This can be an inexpensive option if you love a book and want to share it with others. Along those lines you do need to remember that some sites frown upon the idea of sharing downloadable books in this fashion. After all, they way they make their money is through selling books, both the old-fashioned way and the new high tech way.